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    Throughout the years, Dr. Nader Butto has lectured hundreds of times – to companies and organizations, to various communities and to the public at large. In his lectures, he makes accessible the unified integrative medicine method, his medical and scientific approach, and his approach to life. All the while, he continuously innovates and shares his discoveries of his incessant research.

    In this channel, one can view a small number of those lectures, some given via Zoom and others frontal. Additional lectures can be found on our YouTube channel, including lectures in additional languages, such as Italian, Hebrew and Arabic.

    Since Dr. Nader usually demonstrates diagnostic and/or therapy processes on participants, whether in his videos or on stage, most of the filmed lectures are edited to protect the participants’ privacy.

    As part of his mission and desire to disseminate the paradigm shift in medicine and the mind to the extent possible, Dr. Nader is happy to participate in broadcasts and interviews and to lecture, through collaboration with a variety of organizations and channels.

    For inquiries on such collaborations, please contact our marketing manager, Mr. Oran Thaller

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    Dr. Nader lecturing at the Tony Robbins Premium Convention

    May 2021

    Dr. Nader Butto - an interview at UNIFYD World channel

    April 2023

    Dr. Nader Butto & Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

    April 2023

    Treatment Demonstration - By Dr. Nader Butto

    December 2022

    Students Share - About the therapist training program

    May 2022

    This is how one of our lessons ends :) Module 4

    April 2022

    Measures of Success - Is the Treatmen effective?

    February 2022

    About Dr. Nader Butto

    January 2022

    Beyond Spirituality - Dr. Nader Butto & Dr. J.K. Bhadury

    January 2022

    The Human Code - How the diagnosis helps

    December 2021

    About The Method - Unified Integrative Medicine

    December 2021

    Development Journey - Discover your journey

    November 2021

    Become a Certified Therapist

    November 2021

    Module 1 - The Seven Universal Principles

    November 2021

    Module 2 - Body, Mind, Soul

    November 2021

    Module 3 - The Human Code

    October 2021

    Module 4 - FEEL & TTRT

    October 2021

    Module 5 - Unified Integrative Nutrition

    October 2021

    Module 6 - Emotional Energy Washout

    September 2021

    Module 7 - The spiritual world and psychiatric disorders

    September 2021

    Each crisis is an opportunity for growth!

    May 2020

    Become a Certified Therapist

    The unified integrative medicine study track developed by Dr. Nader Butto is professionally supported and delivered by Dr. Butto himself, and is the exclusive study program for learning and receiving a certification in Unified Integrative Medicine.

    The study track is comprised of 5 modules + a practical certification track, which imparts to students the full spectrum of the training program, covering theory and practice, necessary to train them as integrative therapists in the method.

    The practical certification track, which takes place over a 10-month training period, includes practical exercises and the acquisition of more in-depth professional knowledge in fields such as physiology-anatomy, psychosomatics,

    energetic and physical pathology, professional ethics and more. The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the world, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.

    The track advocates a way of learning and way of life that are based on love, giving, meaning and health. All this, while encouraging (and challenging) students to expand their self-awareness in their development journey and destiny.

    After completing the practical training program and the internship, and after successfully passing the theoretical and practical exams, students are officially certified to practice Unified Integrative Medicine.


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