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October 2024

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Become a certified therapist

Over the years, Dr. Nader has trained and certified hundreds of therapists in Unified Integrative Medicine from all over the world. As his method is exceptionally effective, the demand for certified therapists is continuously increasing; therefore, we have developed parallel training programs in different languages.

The training programs is intended only for those who have successfully completed the study of all 7 modules.

After completing the training program and the internship, students are certified as therapists in Unified Integrative Medicine, and receive an official certificate attesting to their professional capability as therapists.

Your certificate will confirm that you are qualified to treat others in one-on-one sessions, and to implement the method – from diagnosing and identifying the source of the issue, through treatment via Emotional Energy Washout, TTRT and FEEL, to helping each patient in the mindful and emotional processing of their spiritual lesson.

All this, in parallel to diverse tools that support the Unified Integrative Method approach, which include advising on nutrition and on preserving and increasing vitality, physical and energetic exercises, and providing guidance on the proper channeling of sexual energy, and more.

The therapist training program is the direct continuation of the study of the seven modules. It not only trains and certifies, but is also a profound and personally developing experience, a professional support framework, a warm community, a way to attain a life of health and wellbeing.

The approximately six-month training program includes practical exercises and instills more in-depth professional knowhow in fields of knowledge such as psychosomatics, the Human Code, energetic and physical pathology, the patient-therapist relationship, professional ethics and more. The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the globe, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.The purpose of all this is to produce first-rate therapists!

Who is the certification suitable for?

The certification process is intended for those interested in receiving a certificate qualifying them as a therapist in Unified Integrative Medicine. It is an in-depth, professional process, and a significant transition from a student to a therapist in this method.

The purpose of the certification process is to certify as therapists students who have successfully completed Modules 1-7 in Unified Integrative Medicine. As part of the process, the participants’ theoretical knowledge will be reinforced and translated into practical skills. It will include professional experience and training in the different diagnostic and treatment tools, to enable a complete, individually tailored healing process for any person, based on the Unified Integrative Medicine method.

Upon the completion of the certification process, every certified therapist will be able to open a clinic and practice the method, join the official therapists club, and take part in the various activities offered by the organization worldwide.

It is hereby clarified that certification as therapists is conducted on behalf of the Dr. Nader Butto Academy. Each therapist is responsible for checking the laws pertaining to therapists that exist in their country and abide by them. It is also hereby clarified that the certification is not recognized in all the countries around the world.


The certification stage, which extends over a period of 10 months, is comprised of three stages:

Stage 1:

Zoom lessons with various professional teachers from our academy. The purpose of the lessons is to repeat some of the most important content covered in Modules 1-7, elaborate on them and impart more in-depth knowledge which is required for providing therapy to others. This includes learning additional fields of knowledge that have not been included in the Modules, such as how to open and run a clinic, and more.

At the conclusion of this stage, theoretical exams are digitally conducted in the learning software. Upon the successful completion of the exams, students are permitted to practice the training methods on others, within the framework of an internship.

Stage 2:

The purpose of this stage is to professionally support the students during the course of the internship, within the framework of which each student practices implementing the therapy method on another person and submits reports on the treatment to their mentor. This stage includes Zoom lessons accompanied by a senior mentor + group supervision. The purpose of the lessons is to repeat, process and assimilate the material, discuss and analyze cases, answer professional questions and personal supervision.

Stage 3:

Practical Retreat:

A practical retreat with Dr. Nader Butto, which includes a summarizing exam and a certification award ceremony. The frontal retreat takes place in Europe (a long weekend – 3 days, 2 nights), including room and board (in countries such as Italy, Poland, Bulgaria; this changes from year to year).

Similarly to the retreats in Modules 4 & 7, this retreat is also led by Dr. Nader, assisted by a team of senior therapists. A summarizing theoretical exam is held upon the conclusion of the retreat.

This retreat, which summarizes the certification process, includes awarding a certified therapist certificate to those who have successfully completed the exams and internship, and have submitted the required number of treatment reports.

Participants who have not yet completed their internship will receive their certificate at a later date, after completing the internship and submitting the reports as required.


Stage 1:

Deepening professional knowledge with our various lecturers

Start date: October 2024

This stage includes 10 three-hour Zoom sessions. The sessions will take place once a week, over a period of approximately two and a half months. Full details of the study topics and dates will be announced at a later date, closer to the opening of the program.

Stage 2:

Mentoring, group and personal supervision, supporting the internship

Start date: January 2025

This stage includes 8 three-hour Zoom lessons. The sessions will take place once every two weeks, over a period of approximately three and a half months. The students are required to implement their internship treatments in parallel to these mentoring sessions.

Stage 3:

Practical retreat, summarizing exam and award of certificates

Start date: To be determined

A frontal retreat in Europe (a long weekend – 3 days, 2 nights), including room and board (in countries such as Italy, Poland, Bulgaria; this changes from year to year). A summarizing exam and a certification award ceremony are held upon the conclusion of the retreat.

The cost of the certification process (including the Stage 3 retreat)

€ 3,800
  • Registration is conditional on the approval of the course terms and conditions.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Payment by credit card in up to 3 installments.
  • Please note: Acceptance is subject to receipt of email confirmation.
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There are no mistakes, but just learning


Professional deepening - webinars

In addition to these enrichment courses, students have access to all the filmed lessons of the study track that they had participated in (Modules 1-7), including special refresher lessons in topics that it is important to reinforce one’s in-depth knowledge in, at the treatment level.

Support in opening a clinic

The certification process includes a digital course in opening and running a clinic. The course provides the knowledge and the tools required for opening and properly managing the business – consolidating a business strategy, defining objectives, marketing oneself as a therapist, financial issues and proper bookkeeping practices, ethics, boundaries vis-à-vis patients, and more.

The purpose of the internship is to convert the tools that the students have acquired into a prosperous business, while we, as an academy, aim to ensure that the therapy process is indeed of high quality, and true to the method.

A community that is a family!

Ultimately, the source of support and growth for the young therapists is our therapists community. This is a loving and supportive international community, which even we, after decades of activity, are astonished and feel blessed by the immense love, inspiration and magic we experience in this wonderous human dynamic of ambassadors of light.

All the teachers and trainers in our study tracks are alumni who have studied the method and practice it. Many – from young to veteran therapists – continue as assistants and mentors in the study tracks.

Our international activity is developing mainly organically, thanks to our ambassadors – our patients, our therapists and our many students. The growth potential is endless! So, if you are passionate bout becoming an ambassador, in addition to being a therapist, you might realize your destiny together with us.


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