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    Unified Integrative Medicine

    Unified integrative medicine is highly effective in diagnosing emotional crises and releasing the stress caused by them, and thus heals the patient both mentally and physically.

    In his approach, Dr. Nader Butto relies on two essential (and scientific) indicators through which the degree of illness and/or healing of each patient can be determined:

    The level of stress, and the level of vitality in the cells of the body.

    The dynamics between these two indicators (which are measurable using advanced technological means) reflect the entire healing doctrine – with the challenge faced by the therapist and patient being to increase the level of vitality and reduce the level of stress in the body’s cells, in order to achieve complete wellbeing in all aspects of life – physical, emotional and social – as well as spiritual.

    However, the method does not end in the treatment room! While the level of stress can be lowered through emotional and mindful processing, the level of vitality must be raised by changing life habits (as regards nutrition physical exercise, consciousness, etc.). The method provides each patient with individually tailored exercises and guidelines to boost their level of vitality so that they may resume a state of good health.

    Treatment Practices

    The treatment model is unique and individually tailored. Its purpose is for each patient to achieve a sense of liberation, happiness and love. The treatment is based on finding the root cause of the emotional illness, and healing the mental suffering and physical pain from the source.

    The treatment model is in fact a way of life, which aims to teach patients how to attain full wellbeing. Concurrently with the emotional processing that takes place during the treatment, patients learn how to perform an energetic washout on themselves, what they should eat, how they should train, and how to continue their development and learning process in their lives.

    The method includes three diagnostic practices and three treatment practices, which can be combined:


    • The human code – diagnosing a person’s personality and nature via their facial features.
    • Blinking – detecting crises and energy blockages via the seventh sense.
    • Measuring the level of vitality and the level of stress – via a BTA (Bioelectrical Terrain Assessment) test


    • Energetic washout
    • The FEEL method – Fast Emotional Elaboration and Liberation
    • The TTRT method – Trans Temporal Regression Technique

    The therapeutic process ends when the patient achieves a state of wellbeing, having completed a process of learning from the crises, and having reached a higher level of vitality and a lower level of stress (which are measured at the beginning and end of the treatment process).

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    The Human Code - The Diagnosis Method

    The Human Code doctrine, developed by Dr. Nader more than 15 years ago, lays out his highly effective diagnostic approach in a captivating and innovative manner, which is useful for diagnosing any person in their essential context – both mentally and spiritually.

    It is a well-known scientific fact that each person has a unique genetic profile, different from all others, which affects their biological presentation. However, it is not only genetically that we differ from one another, but also in many other individual variations, which are a result of a range of aspects, such as our individual character and temperament, the way we adapt to and cope with the external environment, and different emotional and energetic states that we deal with in the various areas of our life – such as family, employment, community, and more.

    While conducting his research, Dr. Butto identified 64 characteristics, “human codes” (as he defines them), which in fact characterize the human essence of any person – starting from the skills which that person had received and which they are able to easily express during the course of their lives, to “lessons” that they have come to learn, aided by their life journey, which has presented them with issues they must cope with and challenges which are suited specifically for them, so that they would develop mentally and spiritually (nothing is coincidental, explains Dr. Butto).

    The diagnosis helps in two main tracks:

    The personal track: The diagnosis helps any person identify their strengths and the challenges that they have brought with them into the world, in order to support them during their personal development journey and make it more precise.

    The therapeutic track: The diagnosis enables the therapist to quickly and very accurately identify the character of each patient and the difficulties embodied in their personality, in a way that allows focusing the treatment and rendering the therapy more effective.

    Measures for Success

    The most challenging test of any treatment method is the end result. So how can the success of the therapy be measured?

    In his approach, Dr. Nader relies on two fundamental (and scientific) parameters through which the degree of illness and/or healing of each patient can be determined: The level of stress, and the level of vitality. A favorable ratio between the two parameters reflects the state of health of our body’s cells and how well they cope.

    But preventing the illness from returning requires more than just achieving a state of equilibrium in the body. The success of the treatment, according to unified integrative medicine, means completing the learning process so that it will release the emotional crisis that had caused the illness, understanding the inner lesson, and subsequently growing spiritually. This internalization is expressed in giving to the immediate environment, finding one’s personal destiny, and achieving wellbeing from a sense of freedom, liberation and love.

    At the end of the day, health is a way of life! After the emotional and spiritual processing, one must adopt a way of life that fosters a high level of vitality – through nutrition, sports activities, proper sexual activity from an energetic viewpoint, detox cleanses and more. All this, while reducing the level of stress in one’s life – through breathing exercises, meditation, real-time emotional processing of life experiences, and proper awareness.

    At Dr. Nader’s center in Israel (and in other centers where his method is practiced), a variety of researches are conducted, with the aim of scientifically exploring the method’s success. In the last year, after integrating the BTA (Bioelectrical Terrain Assessment) test for determining the levels of stress and vitality (which is based on blood, saliva and urine samples), we hope to complete a full scientific research study on the connection between the therapeutic process and the improvement in the state of health.

    The Physics Behind Spirituality

    Since 1990, Dr. Butto has been developing a diagnostic and treatment method that relates to humans as a unique spiritual essence, comprised of three aspects – physical body, mind and soul – which can be defined in scientific terms based on notions and terms taken from quantum physics. Enlisting the various scientific languages, Dr. Butto has in fact created a new discourse in the realm of body-soul-mind, which deals with aspects and provides insights and explanations to phenomena which have thus far only been discussed esoterically.

    The unified theory which was formulated by Dr. Butto unites the world of conventional medicine with the world of alternative medicine, the scientific world with the spiritual world, to produce one theory that is comprised of only seven principles. These seven principles are called the seven universal principles, through which almost any phenomenon in the universe can be explained (including phenomena that are unexplained by science, such as reincarnation, psychosis, and more). Seven principles may not seem like much, but not all are easy to understand, and each principle is extremely profound (requires the use of terms from the worlds of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics).

    Ultimately, and this is perhaps the most elegant aspect of the theory (and what makes it a groundbreaking method), Dr. Butto has successfully translated his medical approach into a clear, structured therapy method, which includes diagnostic practices, treatment, and individually tailoring a lifestyle, which together have led to healing, a health equilibrium, and an increase in the level of the patients’ vitality and happiness, achieved in an exceptional way.

    The fact that Dr. Nader’s theory is anchored in principles and scientific insights, is what enabled creating the integrative bridge, and bridging not only the different approaches to medicine, but also scientific and religious thinking, modern and ancient cultures, advanced medical technology and folk remedies, man’s suffering and happiness and his spiritual destiny and developmental journey.

    Dr. Butto’s articles can be found in leading peer-reviewed physics journals. Additionally, he has published several books throughout the years, and in new research presently being conducted, advanced technologies are implemented to examine the vitality of body cells (BTA) and monitor the therapy method’s results.


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