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    Along with his research in diverse fields, Dr. Nader Butto shares his insights in articles and books, which have been published in a number of languages over the years.

    Please note that not all of the books were translated into all the languages. To purchase the books we recommend searching for them on the Amazon website, in the desired language.

    Unified Integrative Medicine: A New Holistic Model for Personal Growth and Spiritual Evolution

    This book presents a new paradigm whereby body and soul are two facets of the same reality, like particle and wave in quantum physics. Disease is a process that indicates a dissonance between the soul and the physical body, due to specific psychological conflict or trauma that leads to an imbalance of vital energy of the cells.

    The purpose of this new approach aims to go beyond the resolution of physical symptoms and neurotic states. The state of psycho-physical wellbeing and interpersonal relations are no longer a goal; rather, they become tools that enable individuals to complete the learning process and follow their path, which leads them to grow and evolve towards the light.

    A healing process is, therefore, a developmental process that leads the oppressive human mental barrier to spiritual liberation, imparting deep satisfaction and happiness to achieve complete wellbeing, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Seven Universal Principles and the Seventh Sense: A New Paradigm of Future’s Medicine

    In this book, Dr. Nader Butto offers a “Unified Theory” which describes the creation of the universe, the evolution and the development of man. The theory combines different aspects of reality from the corporeal/material world with spiritual planes, and deals, among others, with aspects of man’s health and vitality. The book invites the readers to assume responsibility for their personal health,

    to understand the source of their emotional or physical pain, and to be aided by a variety of treatments, exercises and additional guidelines for enhancing their vitality, with the aim of improving and preserving their health.

    This theory is based on seven universal rules that constitute milestones in the understanding of many fields of science. These rules unify Western science with its characteristic intellectual way of thinking, with the emotional-humanistic approach that characterizes the East.

    The “Unified Theory” is the basis of the integrative medicine model, which combines, in a simple and easily comprehensible way, the fields of physics, biology and psychology with the philosophical and spiritual world view of various different religions.

    The unified integrative medicine model relates to persons as a harmonic and complex combination of the body, mind and soul, while shedding new light on the connection between mental crisis and physical illness. This model defines the basic terms which medicine and psychology are based on – welfare, health, suffering and disease – while setting a goal for itself to attain wellbeing as defined by the World Health Organization – a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing (and to the above, Dr. Nader adds also spiritual welfare).

    The Human Code

    It is often said that “the eyes are the mirrors of the soul”; the facial features are the key to understanding the body, mind and soul together. One well-informed look at the face of the person standing before you can provide a wealth of information about them, without exchanging even a single word with them.

    In this book, Dr. Nader presents a new and revolutionary model, which enables the readers to characterize their own personal code, and the codes of those surrounding them. There are many advantages to identifying and familiarizing oneself with one’s personal code; it helps liberating oneself from the paradigms that cause one to deviate from their destiny. Correct use of the code is an important tool for personal development and growth.

    The “Human Code” theory, which was developed over the last five years and has been tested in practice among thousands of patients, has brought about a different way of observing the reality in which we live.

    Emotional Energy Washout

    In this book, Dr. Nader presents and explains the innovative treatment method that he has developed – emotional energetic washout. Energetic washout is one of the treatment methods in unified integrative medicine, which attends to man’s three components – body, mind and soul. The book explains how this treatment practice works from scientific and rational, as well as psychological and spiritual viewpoints.

    The purpose of the treatment is to create balance (homeostasis) between these three components, through the release of energy blockages that were cased by mental crises, by renewing the energetic flow between the main poles, and by releasing the seven energy centers and opening the energy channels – the meridians.

    The energy washout treatment enables accessing the content of the human soul’s subconscious. It advances a profound layer of associations, as the patient penetrates memory reservoirs that are inaccessible to the consciousness. The known interaction between the conscious and the unconscious are refreshed, which enables accessing all the information existing in the soul, particularly unresolved mental crises. The information is “washed out” without blockages or limitations, and the patient undergoes a process of learning, growth and healing.

    Unified Medicine and the Seventh Sense

    A person’s state of vitality depends on the difference in the polar force between the two major poles. This force is considered the driving force of life and it is consumed as we advance in age. Maintaining high vitality enables us to follow our spiritual path in life with grit and joy.

    Consuming this energy discharges the polar force prematurely leading to suffering and illness. It is therefore important to know what factors discharge this life energy and to learn how to charge the “battery” so that we can make our way to the end, to get to close the polar cycle of life by dying healthy and happy.

    The vision of the human being conveyed in this book is part of a general view that considers him as a fusion of different aspects of nature and believes him subject to the universal law proper to primordial energy. The features of this primordial energy, or those of the manifestation of matter as it has been described by scientists, correspond perfectly to the characteristics of God as he is regarded by the various religions. This enabled Dr. Nader Butto to finally understand that science and religion are two compatible aspects of the same reality and that man who follows the laws of primordial energy fulfills God’s will.

    Nader Butto - The Seventh Sense

    What is the seventh sense? Can patients’ past traumas, and the year in which they had occurred, be detected using the energy sensing technique? What is the connection between nutrition, sex and environmental factors, and the body’s level of vitality? And how does love received from parents at a young age affect their children’s sexual identity? How can the fact that each mental crisis has a physical address in the body be explained?

    In this book, Dr. Nader Butto combines the knowledge that has existed for thousands of years in the Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures, with conventional medical knowledge, and proposes an innovative energetic-universal model. He bridges East and West, the scientific and the spiritual, matter and energy, the male and the female – providing the reader with a profound and enlightening experience.


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