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About Module 7

24 June 2024

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Emotional Energetic Washout

We have now reached the most exciting stage! In Module 7 we will learn the treatment technique that incorporates the entire Unified Integrative Medicine doctrine, into one physical, emotional and energetic journey – the energetic washout.

This is the therapeutic practice that Unified Integrative Medicine owes its grand reputation to – thanks to the precision, simplicity and effectiveness of treatment that characterize it.

The purpose of the emotional energetic washout is to restore equilibrium in the physical body, mind and soul, by releasing all the energetic centers and bringing the learning and development process to its conclusion, from the emotional crises that arise during treatment and until wellbeing is achieved.

We will learn about:

The complete diagnostic and therapeutic model of Unified Integrative Medicine.
The theory behind emotional energetic washout and the treatment protocol.
Individual (physical) exercises to open the chakras and meridians.
Observing and experiencing as a therapist and patient in energetic washout, in small groups and in pairs.

As Module 7 also covers practical learning of treatment techniques, it includes both theoretical lessons (via Zoom), and frontal learning within the framework of a practical retreat.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is intended for those who identify with and feel a connection to the essence of Unified Integrative Medicine, and have an inner calling to practice the method. This module includes the method’s most meaningful treatment practice. If you are already a therapist, this module will broaden your toolbox very significantly.

If you are focused on personal development and self-healing, Module 7 is an additional stage in your breakthrough with yourself. You will be able to implement the energetic washout on yourself, on a daily basis.

And there is another very important and significant aspect – the energetic washout treatment enables gaining access to what lies in the subconscious of the human mind. If you have a calling to make your journey into yourself more profound – this course is for you!

* The course is offered only to those who have completed Module 6 and have received a Certificate of Participation (theoretical stage).


The theoretical learning in Module 7 is delivered in 3 three-hour Zoom lessons (with a 15 minute break in the middle). The practical learning component takes place frontally, within the framework of a practical retreat of a single weekend.
The sessions will be held on the following dates and times (CET):

Session 1:

The energetic washout diagnosis and treatment scheme

Monday, 24 June 2024, 18:00-21:00

Background and introduction to energetic washout, who the practice is suitable for, and in which cases we will not implement energetic washout. The diagnostic process – the purpose of the discussion in the treatment session, intake (anamnesis), combining diagnosis according to the Human Code and blinking in the treatment, demonstrating intake.

Session 2:

Treatment protocol

Monday, 1 July 2024, 18:00-21:00

Starting the treatment process and working with different states of consciousness, stimulus (touch) points and the connection to the centers and meridians. The physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual process during the treatment. Completing the learning process during treatment.

Session 3:

Demonstrating treatment and questions

Monday, 8 July 2024, 18:00-21:00

Demonstrating the energetic washout treatment and answering questions. Energetic washout for children. Providing treatment recommendations to patients at the end of the treatment. Summary and preparation for practical training.

Practical Retreat:

Learning and practical exercises
of the treatment techniques

3 Days in Europe
Friday to Sunday, July 19-21, 2024

A concentrated, intensive practical retreat (3 study days, 2 nights), within the framework of which participants learn and practice the treatment methods that we have learned: TTRT, FEEL and energetic washout. The retreat includes live demonstrations, as well as work in groups and exercises in pairs.

* At the end of the course, module graduates receive a “Certificate of Participation – Module 7”.

* Personal study assignments will be given between the weekly sessions, to be carried out in each student’s free time (the assignments must be completed before the next session).

Cost of Module 7 & the practical retreat:

1,650 euro
  • Registration is conditional on the approval of the course terms and conditions
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Payment by credit card in up to 3 installments.
  • Please note: Acceptance is subject to receipt of email confirmation.
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Study Format

Module 7 (in which participants also study the practical aspects of treatment techniques), combines digital learning in Zoom lessons (along with the learning system, of course), and frontal instruction, within the framework of a retreat comprising 3 study days in Europe, including room and board (in countries such as Italy, Poland and Bulgaria – these change from year to year).

Registration for Module 7 includes both theoretical learning (via Zoom) and the practical retreat for learning the energetic washout treatment technique.

One cannot register only for the theoretical component of Module 7. The course requires full physical participation in the retreat.

Nader Butto teaches Module 7 himself, as well as the practical learning component within the framework of the retreat (where he is assisted by senior therapists who practice his method).

Become a Certified Therapist

The Unified Integrative Medicine study track developed by Dr. Nader Butto is professionally supported and delivered by Dr. Butto himself, and is the exclusive study program for learning and receiving a certification in unified integrative medicine.

The study track is comprised of 7 modules + a practical certification track, which imparts to students the full spectrum of the training program, covering theory and practice, necessary to train them as integrative therapists in the method.

The practical certification track is a training period of approximately six months. It includes practical exercises and the acquisition of more in-depth professional knowledge in fields such as psychosomatics, the Human Code, energetic and physical pathology, the patient-therapist relationship, professional ethics and more.

The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the world, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.

The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the world, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.

The track advocates a way of learning and way of life that are based on love, giving, meaning and health. All this, while encouraging (and challenging) students to expand their personal knowledge of themselves in their development journey and destiny.

After completing the practical training program and the internship, and after successfully passing the theoretical and practical exams, students are officially certified to practice Unified Integrative Medicine.