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    A Personal Development Journey

    Welcome to the fascinating world of unified integrative medicine!
    Opening this page indicates that the most profound and fundamental questions about life already pulsate within you.

    What is the purpose of life? What have we come here to experience as human beings? Does each person have a personal destiny? Why is there suffering in the world? And what is the role of illnesses? Many important questions, the answers to which can significantly affect our lives!

    The modules track before you is not just a fascinating and enriching study track; it is also a personal and spiritual development journey, through which Dr. Nader Butto transfers the knowledge and insights that he has consolidated over the years,

    as well as the diagnostic and treatment techniques of the unified integrative medicine method, which he has developed.

    This study track is intended for anyone who is interested in exploring themselves at depth and finding a new way to achieve health and physical, emotional and spiritual development. If you wish to do good to yourself and to your surroundings, to investigate and learn the meaning of life and to understand the set of rules underlying the phenomena of existence – this track is for you!

    Furthermore, this track also forms the basis for those wishing to professionally learn the treatment method and to become certified practitioners of unified integrative medicine.

    Come And meet your Journey!

    Study Format

    The study track is divided into 7 modules, each of which focuses on a specific field of ​​knowledge, and imparts the body of knowledge required for the next module. In order to progress from one module to the next, they must be studied in the proper order (without skipping modules).

    Modules 1-5 are taught digitally, via Zoom, by Dr. Nader himself. Each module is comprised of 4 three-hour lessons.

    In these lessons, Dr. Nader teaches, presents and demonstrates the diverse aspects of Unified Integrative Medicine, from the philosophical facet, through the scientific facet to the mental, energetic and spiritual facet. All this, while transferring extensive knowhow, backed by scientific data, research studies, live demonstrations, and more.

    The learning process via Zoom is supported by an advanced digital learning system, through which one can watch recordings of the lessons, access study material, execute assignments, take exams and ask the support team questions – covering both study content and technical issues.

    Module 6 (which also includes the practical aspects of treatment techniques), combines digital learning via Zoom lessons (along with the learning system, of course), and frontal learning within the framework of a retreat comprising 3 full study days in Budapest, Hungery.

    Module 7 is comprised of a frontal, experiential retreat of 7 days, including room and board. It covers learning about the spiritual world and practical experiences in spiritual rituals.

    As in the case of all modules, Dr. Butto teaches modules 6+7 himself, assisted by a team of senor therapists.

    Module 1

    The Seven Universal Principles

    The journey begins! >> June 5, 2023

    In this module, we will learn the theoretical foundation required to understand life and its significance, from the smallest particle, through all living things, to the entire universe. Through the seven universal rules, nearly all phenomena in the universe can be explained (including those unexplained by science), thus unifying conventional medicine with alternative medicine.

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    Module 2

    Body - Mind - Soul

    August 21, 2023

    In Module 2 we will learn the connection between the physical body, the mind and the soul, understand how the soul affects the mind, and how the mind affects the body. We will learn the emotional source of every illness and physical phenomenon, how stress affects our health, and about the vicious circle that leads to illness, but also leads to healing. This understanding constitutes the foundation for diagnosing illnesses and crises in the unified integrative medicine method.

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    Module 3

    The Human Code

    November 13, 2023

    The Human Code doctrine presents a highly effective and useful diagnosis concept in a fascinating and innovative manner, for diagnosing any person in the context of their essence – both mentally and spiritually. We will learn to diagnose the personality characteristics according to the facial and corporal features, to serve us on the therapeutic level (when identifying inherent challenges, adapting nutrition and more), as well as on the personal level (precision in destiny, finding a partner, etc.).

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    Module 4


    February 5, 2024

    Module 4 is a combined theoretical and practical course, in which two techniques developed by Dr. Nader for treating fears and phobias are taught (those originating in trauma caused in this reincarnation and in a previous one). We will learn when and how to implement these techniques, how the emotional crises can be processed, and how learning and development processes can be completed, in order to achieve healing and wellbeing.

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    Module 5


    March 25, 2024

    Module 5 is a theoretical course in which we will learn about the connection between nutrition and health; how to adjust nutrition for a specific person and their lifestyle. We will delve deeper into the biological and energetic components of food, learn about the interaction between food and individuals, the connection between the type of food and the elements and poles (male food and female food), and building a unique menu for each individual, according to their human code and their state of health.

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    Module 6

    Emotional Energy Washout

    May 17, 2024

    Emotional Energy Washout is a unique treatment method developed by Dr. Nader, which translates the entire Unified Integrative Medicine theory into a physical, mental and energetic therapeutic journey. The purpose of the energetic washout is to restore equilibrium in the body, mind and soul, while releasing all the energetic centers and completing a learning and development process from the emotional crises that arise during the course of the therapy, until wellbeing is attained.

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    Module 7

    The spiritual world and psychiatric disorders

    August 30, 2024

    Module 7 is a theoretical and practical course in which we will learn about the spiritual world, how it is constructed and how it affects us daily. We will understand the source of psychiatric disorders, and which treatment for them is genuinely effective. We will expand on the spiritual hierarchy, on the world of the angels and the world of the demons, and on how we can develop through prayer, meditation and more. After learning this, development processes through spiritual rituals will take place. We will distill the spiritual essence of each of us, as a person and as a therapist, in order to be more effective and beneficial to our surroundings.

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    The Impact On Your Life

    Beyond expanding the consciousness, the personal and spiritual journey, and the adoption of a beneficial way of life, the track enables those who complete modules 4+6 to practice the treatment techniques they have learned on themselves.

    Those who have been certified (have undergone training and have been certified as a therapist), may combine the integrative insights and the diagnostic techniques which they have learned in the modules with the therapy practices they currently use, at their discretion and at their own professional responsibility.

    Please note – in order to complete the professional training process in this method and to be certified to treat others, you must first complete the therapist training track, which includes certification and internship. Only students who have successfully completed this training track, have passed the exams (theoretical and practical), and have completed their internship, are entitled to receive a Certified Therapist certificate.

    One lifetime experience


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