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About Module 3

13 November 2023

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The Human Code

It is with good reason that according to the Kabbalah a person’s face reflects what lies within them, and in Module 3 we will understand precisely why, and how this works.

After learning the theoretical foundation underlying the spiritual, mental and physical phenomena in Modules 1 and 2, it is now time to put his knowledge to use in order to diagnose and understand each person’s character and destiny according to their human code.

The Human Code doctrine presents his highly effective diagnostic approach in a captivating and innovative manner, which is useful for diagnosing any person in their essential context – both mentally and spiritually.

We will deal with and answer questions such as:

What is the mental and physical aspect of the male and female poles in the mind and body?

What is the mental and physical aspect of the four elements in the mind and body?

How can we understand a person’s character and destiny according to the Human Code?

What does the Human Code tell us about a person’s energetic weaknesses?

Module 3 is both a theoretical and practical course, which teaches the diagnostic method and how it is used for personal development, giving and realizing one’s destiny.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is intended for any person who is interested in learning a revolutionary method for diagnosis and observation. Starting from the way we look (externally and internally)< through the identification of the inherent challenges in our personality (as well as the identification of our destiny), to improving our communication with others.

The Human Code is a diagnostic method on the one hand, but it is also new and profound eyeglasses for observation and communication. The prism of this diagnostic method affects the way we see and experience others, and understand the choices we make with respect to them.

On the personal level: The diagnosis helps any person identify the strengths and weaknesses with which they have come into this world, in order to support their personal development journey and make it more precise.

On the therapeutic level: The diagnosis helps the therapist quicky and very accurately identify the character of each patient and the difficulties embodied in their personality, in a way that enables focusing the treatment process and increasing its effectiveness.

* The course is offered only to those who have completed Module 2 and have received a Certificate of Participation.


Module 3 is comprised of 4 three-hour Zoom lessons.
The sessions will be held on the following dates and times (CET):

Session 1:

The Development of the Universal Code and its Context to the Human Code

Monday, 13 November 2023, 18:00-21:00

How is the universal code translated into the human code? The development of research into the biological structure and the connection to the mind, the three different codes according to the three parts of the soul, how the anatomical structure determines the human code.

Session 2:

Determining the Human Code by Facial Features

Monday, 20 November 2023, 18:00-21:00

The four phases of life and the connection with the four elements from which the body and mind are composed, the quality of the male and female poles, and the quality of the four main elements: fire, air, water, earth, determining the human code by facial features.

Session 3:

Personality Types, Temperaments, and the Keys to the Unconscious

Monday, 27 November 2023, 18:00-21:00

The connections between the Human Code and the four personality types: C, B, A and D, the nine temperaments and 11 keys to the unconscious.

Session 4:

The Code of the Chakras and the Meridians, and the Connection between the Human Code and the Tendency to Develop Illnesses

Monday, 4 December 2023, 18:00-21:00

The code of the seven centers of energy and the 12 meridians, adapting the nutrition as a source of vitality according to the Human Code, examples and clinical cases demonstrating the connection between the Human Code and the tendency to develop illnesses.

* Personal study assignments will be given between the weekly sessions, to be carried out in each student’s free time (the assignments must be completed before the next session).

* The final exam will take place after the course ends, digitally – using an educational software system, at each student’s convenience (up until two weeks after the course ends).

The Cost of Module 3:

€ 550
  • Registration is conditional on the approval of the course terms and conditions
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Please note: Acceptance is subject to receipt of email confirmation.
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God is a mathematician and an artisan.


Study Format

The study track is divided into 7 modules, each of which focuses on a specific field of ​​knowledge, and imparts the body of knowledge required for the next module. In order to progress from one module to the next, they must be studied in the proper order (without skipping modules).

Modules 1-5 are taught digitally, via Zoom, by Dr. Nader himself. Each module is comprised of 4 three-hour lessons.

In these lessons, Dr. Nader teaches, presents and demonstrates the diverse aspects of Unified Integrative Medicine, from the philosophical facet, through the scientific facet to the mental, energetic and spiritual facet. All this, while transferring extensive knowhow, backed by scientific data, research studies, live demonstrations, and more.

The learning process via Zoom is supported by an advanced digital learning system, through which one can watch recordings of the lessons, access study material, execute assignments, take exams and ask the support team questions – covering both study content and technical issues.

Module 6 (which also includes the practical aspects of treatment techniques), combines digital learning via Zoom lessons (along with the learning system, of course), and frontal learning within the framework of a retreat comprising 3 full study days in Budapest, Hungery.

Module 7 is comprised of a frontal, experiential retreat of 7 days, including room and board. It covers learning about the spiritual world and practical experiences in spiritual rituals.

As in the case of all modules, Dr. Butto teaches modules 6+7 himself, assisted by a team of senor therapists.

Become a Certified Therapist

The Unified Integrative Medicine study track developed by Dr. Nader Butto is professionally supported and delivered by Dr. Butto himself, and is the exclusive study program for learning and receiving a certification in unified integrative medicine.

The study track is comprised of 7 modules + a practical certification track, which imparts to students the full spectrum of the training program, covering theory and practice, necessary to train them as integrative therapists in the method.

The practical certification track is a training period of approximately six months. It includes practical exercises and the acquisition of more in-depth professional knowledge in fields such as psychosomatics, the Human Code,

energetic and physical pathology, the patient-therapist relationship, professional ethics and more. The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the world, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.

The track advocates a way of learning and way of life that are based on love, giving, meaning and health. All this, while encouraging (and challenging) students to expand their personal knowledge of themselves in their development journey and destiny.

After completing the practical training program and the internship, and after successfully passing the theoretical and practical exams, students are officially certified to practice Unified Integrative Medicine.


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