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Accessibility statement

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    Dear web surfer,

    We attribute the utmost importance to making our website accessible to persons with disabilities, and our intention is to enable as wide an audience as possible to easily and conveniently surf the site and receive as much information as possible about the services we offer.

    The website was constructed in compliance with the accessibility requirements detailed in W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

    Some of the accessibility features that have been implemented are listed below:

    • The navigation and orientation means are simple and easy to use.
    • The site is responsive and adapted for surfing through mobile devices.
    • The content is written in clear and easy-to-understand language, and is well organized, with titles and lists.
    • The structure is fixed and uniform for all the pages of the website and sub-sites.
    • The common usage pattern with a keyboard is supported via an accessibility add-on.
    • The site is accessible via the most widely used web browsers.
    • It is adapted to work environments in different resolutions.
    • An accessibility add-on enables keyboard navigation, changing the font, increasing and reducing the font size (by clicking the CTRL button and scrolling with the mouse wheel), highlighting links, color reversal of the website and more.


    Accessibility reservations

    Despite our intensive efforts to make the site accessible, you might find elements, web pages or parts of pages that are not fully accessible. We are continuing to improve the website’s accessibility in order to enable the population at large, including persons with disabilities, to access the site’s content.

    If you have come across an element on our website that is inaccessible and requires adaptation, please contact us by email at the following address: [email protected]

    In your email, please indicate your full name, telephone number, and a description of the problem or need, so that we will be able to get in touch with you for further information, if necessary, and resolve the issue.


    Accessibility of the Center for Unified Integrative Medicine

    The Nader Butto Center for Unified Integrative Medicine (“the Center”) invests efforts and resources in order to provide its clients with egalitarian, respectful, accessible and professional service.

    We abide by the legal accessibility requirements and consider our clients with disabilities as clients with equal rights, who are eligible to enjoy full accessibility to the services and treatments that we provide.

    The clinic team will be happy to provide assistance, guidance and explanations at any time, regarding the Center’s accessibility.


    Accessibility of the learning center and the clinics

    The Center for Unified Integrative Medicine is located in Arena Mall, Herzliya, on the first floor.

    Parking is available on level -1, with elevators leading directly to the first floor, near the entrance to the Center.

    The Center is also accessible via the elevators from within the mall, which is entirely accessible.

    The entrance to the Center itself is wide and accessible, and lavatories adapted for persons with disabilities are available on site.

    If you have any questions regarding accessibility or require assistance, please phone us at 074-7114411, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.


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