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It’s time to change the paradigm!
~ free lecture ~

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    Free introductory lecture on Zoom >>
    The Medicine of the Future!
    May 30h, 2023
    19:00 (CET)

    The need for a paradigm shift in the world of treatment and medicine is one of the burning issues in today’s era of medicine. At the end of the day, edge technologies (advanced as they may be) cannot provide complete health, without understanding and seeing the whole.

    Dr. Nader Butto, a cardiologist by training who developed the Unified Integrative Medicine method, will present the problems that exist today in the different approaches of both conventional and complementary medicine, and how they can be bridged and united into one path, that will lead to complete health – physical, mental and spiritual.

    This lecture is an open introductory lecture, free of charge, providing a first glimpse of Dr. Butto’s life approach.

    For the past 30 years, since his certification as a physician and cardiologist, Dr. Butto has researched the integrative relationship between the Body, Mind and Soul – as well as the relationship between the level of stress and vitality in the body’s cells, and our level of health – and has succeeded in proving them using scientific methods.

    Through his many studies in the field of physics and psychology, and after decades of therapeutic experience and the development of new integrative treatment practices, Dr. Butto presents in a clear and groundbreaking way the connections between mental traumas and unprocessed emotions and the manifestation of diseases. Additionally, he presents the direct connection between the different types of diseases and the types of emotional crises, or as he puts it: “Each disease has an emotional address.”

    You are invited to join this Zoom lecture, free of charge, and get a glimpse of a new paradigm of health, medicine and way of life.

    Who is the lecture intended for?

    May 30th, 2023
    19:00-20:30 (CET)

    The lecture is intended for those who have explored the realm of body-mind-soul and/or are attracted to it, and seek to expand their awareness and achieve a more in-depth understanding of life.

    If you desire to find your calling in life, to understand the reasons behind emotional difficulties and illnesses, and to learn how you can help yourself and others attain physical, mental and spiritual health – this lecture is for you!

    This lecture is intended for those who are curious and skeptical,

    as well as researchers of the mind and sciences, for those who have been on the path of consciousness for some time (or wish to change a paradigm in their lives), and of course, for therapists (and medical professionals) who are interested in acquiring additional unique and groundbreaking tools to enrich their professional toolbox.

    In his lecture, Dr. Butto will also refer to the Module 1 course, which is the first step of a fascinating personal and spiritual development journey. It lays down the foundation for understanding the universe and reality, in order to further expand and deepen learning down the road.

    Dr. Nader Butto

    Dr. Nader Butto is an internationally renowned cardiologist, who has conceptualized, created and developed the Unified Integrative Medicine method.

    While still studying for his medical degree, and being inquisitive by nature, Dr. Butto expressed interest in phenomena that are unexplained in conventional medicine and science, and began searching for answers in the spiritual world, in Eastern philosophies and in various alternative therapy methods.

    As a cardiologist, he worked as a senior catheterist for thirty years in one of Israel’s leading hospitals, while also expanding his knowledge and research into a variety of holistic fields, including studying the mind,

    physics (and in particular, quantum physics), mathematics, chemistry, shamanism and more – while consolidating an innovative, integrative and unifying approach to medicine.

    Dr. Butto is presently an internationally esteemed therapist, conceives natural, effective and proven diagnostic and treatment methods, researches and publishes scientific studies (as well as books), and personifies a life of health, light and giving, as he continues to pursue his life mission. He is fluent in a number of languages (English, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish), manages an innovative, internationally unique therapy center (which he has established in Israel), and has taught his doctrine around the world to tens of thousands of people.

    Become a Certified Therapist

    The Unified Integrative Medicine study track developed by Dr. Nader Butto is professionally supported and delivered by Dr. Butto himself, and is the exclusive study program for learning and receiving a certification in unified integrative medicine.

    The study track is comprised of 7 modules + a practical certification track. It imparts to students the full spectrum of the training program, covering theory and practice, necessary to train them as integrative therapists in the method.

    The practical certification track is a training period of approximately six months. It includes practical exercises and the acquisition of more in-depth professional knowledge in fields such as psychosomatics, the Human Code, energetic and physical pathology, the patient-therapist relationship, professional ethics and more.

    The track is delivered in hybrid format – Zoom lessons, concentrated in-person retreats (in several locations around the world, depending on the language), and is supported by certified professional mentors.

    The track advocates a way of learning and way of life that are based on love, giving, meaning and health. All this, while encouraging (and challenging) students to expand their self-awareness in their development journey and destiny.

    After completing the practical training program and the internship, and after successfully passing the theoretical and practical exams, students are officially certified to practice unified integrative medicine.

    of Light


    About Module 1 - The 7 Universal Principles

    June 5th 2023

    In this module we will learn the theoretical foundation required to understand life and its significance, from the smallest particle through all living things, to the entire universe.

    The unifying theory covered by Module 1 unifies the world of conventional medicine with the world of alternative medicine, the scientific world with the spiritual world, to form one theory comprised of only seven principles.

    Through the seven universal rules, nearly all phenomena in the universe can be explained (including those unexplained by science), thus unifying conventional medicine with alternative medicine.

    However, learning the principles is not intended solely for the purpose of acquiring theoretical knowledge. Once we understand the set of rules that drive the universe, the connections, ways and balances that connect the entire manifestation of our reality to form perfect harmony… something in us changes! The mind begins to relate to and process the manifestation of reality in a different way. This process is called expanding consciousness.

    Seven principles may not seem like much, but not all are easy to understand, and each principle is extremely profound. Substantiating the unified integrative theory requires the use of terms from the worlds of physics, chemistry and biology, and of course, mathematical proof. But this is no cause for concern! Dr. Nader has already taught thousands , and what renders him unique above all is his way of making complex issues accessible and easily comprehensible.

    For More Info >> Module 1

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